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Here is a list of Envitreat Laboratory Services Capabilities:
- Process Selection:
      * Selection of appropriate treatment technology
      * Biological processes
      * Physical/chemical processes
      * Combined physical/chemical processes
      * Comparison of anaerobic and aerobic processes for municipal and industrial waste

- Treatability Testing:
      * Assessing treatability of organic and inorganic wastes
      * Assessing anaerobic/aerobic biodegradation of specific organic chemicals
      * Assessing treatability of inorganic wastes
      * Design and operation of laboratoryscale and on­site pilot plants
      * Measurement of kinetic parameters
- Forensic Evaluations:
      * Evaluation of existing treatment plants with view toward optimization of performance
      * Assessment of process failures
- Operations Assistance:
      * Preparation of process operating manuals
      * Operator training
      * Laboratory analyst training
List complete test capabilities..
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